London to Cornwall, Stonehenge, Avebury and Glastonbury Tours

So you would like to go to Stonehenge and to see Cornwall? Maybe you would like to visit Avebury? Have you dreamed of Glastonbury and what lies there? Maybe it feels like visiting there is your destiny, somewhere that calls to you. There are magical places that you have heard of. But other magic places that you would like to believe are there and yet can’t quite name. You may know about Tintagel, but King Arthur is just a story right? Maybe there were Druids at Stonehenge. Whatever happened in Avebury so long ago is now lost in time. But you can still touch the stones and walk among them. You can visit the foot of nearby Silbury Hill and stand intimidated and in wonder - would you like to experience that mysterious place?

Then when you arrive in Cornwall it really is a different country. The light, the sharp smell of green and everywhere the sea. In this place one feels the history in the stones. Some people believe in flows of energy across the landscape and in magic in tune with nature. If this is true anywhere, it’s true in Cornwall.  Yet the truth is that there is also real physical history here, an amazing depth of experience that has survived and is tangible. I always wanted to visit those ancient stones and castle monuments for their history and then found that they are still in use and meaningful to many.

If you would like to travel to Cornwall and maybe feel some of her magic, while enjoying stops on the way, I have an idea. Inspired by a return visit to Avebury early this year, Cornish Heritage Safaris is offering a new tour. A Cornish tour with a difference, because we will be starting in Wiltshire. The tour will combine some ancient and Arthurian sites in an ambitious one day journey to Tintagel. There I can organise accommodation for you. In the following few days we can enjoy tours in Cornwall. 

Stonehenge has become so popular that it can seem to have lost some appeal. I now prefer nearby Avebury. This is a sometimes overlooked site, but with qualities just as spectacular as Stonehenge. We can see both before heading to Cornwall, if that is what you prefer. Or we can combine one with Glastonbury and or Cadbury Castle (King Arthur's Camelot?)

Like all of our other tours we will run this one upon your request. The plan is to create at least a two day Ancient Stones and King Arthur tour. The tour will be flexible and include options within the following suggested itinerary.

(Possibly stay overnight in a local B&B the night before. I can arrange. Or meet early on Day 1 at Swindon train station)

Day 1 Meet in Swindon or at local B&B

Visit Avebury and or Stonehenge

Visit Glastonbury and possibly Cadbury Castle

Finish drive to Tintagel in Cornwall and stay overnight

Day 2 Meet to continue to explore Cornwall

For King Arthur fans we can focus on Tintagel and the other Arthurian sites and or see some of Cornwall’s stone circles and other prehistoric monuments. We shouldn’t forget the coastline or the romantic tin-mine ruins either.

Day 3 Maybe The Far West, St Michael’s Mount and much more. 

Day 4 There are lots more suggestions.

Remember the Land Rover can carry up to six people with baggage on the roof if required. Small and larger buses can be booked for groups.